Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marathon Update

Not that running a marathon is easy, but I think that the training part is the hardest.  Once you are on the start line, you just gotta do it-- but it's a lot harder getting home every night and motivating yourself to get out and run.  I guess I need to keep in mind that the big race will be a lot more "enjoyable" if I just suck it up now in preparing.
my first triathlon (I needed the waterwings so I wouldn't die trying to swim)
Originally I was using the Non-Runners Marathon Guide training plan, but dad-in-law suggested reading the Advanced Marathoning book.  I'm about halfway through and I have been really impressed with the information.  The training seems a lot more grueling, but I think that it would lead to a much faster time rather than just finishing.  Obviously I'm not going to be breaking any records or doing any BQ times, but I'm all for reaching full potential.  Both books seem really good, though.  There is very helpful information in both of them..  
Other highlight of my running life:  I got a Garmin GPS watch! Best purchase of the year award, right there.   I feel so much more free to just run where I want to and be able to do loops to get water or gels and actually be able to keep track of my distance and pace and everything.  For reals, if you are an outdoor runner and ever feel like buying yourself the best present ever: Garmin 305.  It's way cheap on
I'm more than halfway to the marathon distance, and still 18 weeks  out, so I guess that's a good sign.  I have a half marathon in a week and a half which I think will be a great tune-up race.  So long as I don't bust something up and keep motivated, I should be good to go.

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