Thursday, September 5, 2013

My dogchild.

I was on Skype with my family last week, and I realized how much I was just going on and on about Zoe.  She's like our dogchild.  So I'm sorry if you don't care for dogs, or pets in general, and if my overload of Instagram pictures and status updates about our pooch are just super boring to you!  Hey, if human babies are more your thing, I'm sure there will be a buttload of those coming up, too.

I've been dying to get a dog for a long time.  Having grown up with dogs, I really missed being around them when I went away to university!  The entire time I've lived in Utah I've tried to find dog-friendly apartments, but I never could.  But when we decided to move to Washington, I was pretty thrilled to discover how dog-friendly it is!

Last month it was finally time to pick out a new friend!  I looked online for a few specific dogs that I wanted to meet, and we headed to the animal shelter to take a look around  There we found Zoe-- and boy, am I glad we did!  She makes for great company when Sam is gone all day/working and studying all night.  I feel a lot safer having her here, too.  She loves to come on runs and hikes with me, which is exactly what I have been hoping for!  She can be super goofy when we play (and is a really messy eater!) and a perfect snuggle buddy, too.  Love this dog!  She's a total sweetheart, and a lot of fun!

This is the picture the shelter put online.  That cute tongue stood out to me! She loves the water, but is still learning how to swim when she can't touch the ground!

Such a happy dog! 

She loves to watch people out the window.

We take her swimming at the lake. She plays (and sleeps) hard! She has a lot of dreams when she sleeps- growling, barking, moving her legs like she's running, snoring...

We've had a few thunderstorms, and she likes to watch out the window!  She just plops down in our laps when she gets the chance! Doesn't mind thunder... But scared of garbage bags!