Thursday, June 2, 2011

Student Ratings

Student ratings are due soon.  Does anyone else struggle with filling them out sometimes?  With the great classes or classes with just a few constructive criticisms, no problem.  For the really awful classes, I procrastinate filling them out because I want to make sure I do it right.  I want them to know exactly how ridiculous some things were but still remain a credible source of feedback.  You really need to watch your tone and what you say or you will totally discredit yourself and they won't give a rat's caboose about anything you have to say.

I had one such class this semester that I could really let them have it over-- the class, the professor, the TA, the tests...  I don't think I'm just lazy or complainy- they legitimately need to make some changes.  Last semester I had a similar class, but I was so concerned with getting the review right that I didn't end up filling one out at all.  I guess those poor future students won't know what hit them (unless they go read my rating).  
Anywho, do you fill out student ratings? Do you use them to vent and let your teacher know what a sociopath they are or do you use them to try to actually help them change things?  If you have a class you really want to rant over, feel free to post in the comments ;)

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