Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thoughts not worth individual blog posts:

  • A potential future Police Beat: "University Police received a call that a suspicious male on a bike was following a female runner at night.  When approached, it was discovered that the male was actually her husband, following along behind for safety reasons."
  • YouTube suggested that I watch "jumping lambs".  It was an accurate assumption of my video interests.
  • Here at work we have a high volume of incoming freshman or RMs being dragged (sometimes literally) by their moms to take career tests.  I wonder how much effort they end up putting into their answers on the test... One time a mom left his kid to do it and he asked if he could have his money back so he could go buy tacos instead.
  • EFY is on the loose at BYU.  They have counsellors acting like security guards at building exits so the kids don't escape and try to make out during class.  So far I haven't been stopped, but I see them eying me suspiciously.  I swear they're on the edge of deciding if I'm 17 or not. I guess having a wedding ring helps.
  • I love that there is a "Read a book!" billboard with pictures of the Tangled (movie) characters.  Makes sense.
  • It is DANG hot right now (for me).  At first I was thinking that it's just too hot and I wish it was colder, but then I decided that the heat would be awesome if I was out on a lake instead of walking up a hill to work.  My conclusion is that I don't want it to be cooler; I want to be more lazy.

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