Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is a happy place.

I went to the natural food store the other day, and I luuurve it.  It smells funny though.  I found some good stuff!  I got a few different new grains to try, fantastic pumpkin flax granola, carob, chia seeds, and flax. Oh yeah.  Let me just say that oatmeal for breakfast this morning as at a whoooole new level. Normally I will be hungry again two hours later, but this bowl kept me going past noon!

It had oatmeal, flax, chia seeds, wheat bran, blueberries, and peanut butter- and tasted so good!  Just take a look at that ingredients list; dang, gina! 
Oatmeal can be so, so much better than just brown sugar or instant processed nasty junk.  My dad makes the best oatmeal ever: boil the oats, then stir in chunky peanut butter, coconut, and slightly mashed banana.  Oh baby!  I also love it with sliced almonds, strawberries, almond milk... Mmmm...


  1. hah...careful, you're on your way to eating a lot like me. Sounds like good stuff!!
    Gotta love natural foods stores...I'm pretty sure they all have a funky smell too.

  2. I know right!? I'm such a weirdy. Like you! Just kidding... No but seriously. It's fun to try all these new fancy things! And I feel waaay better not eating crap. But I still like crap.