Friday, April 29, 2011

The things I'm getting myself into:

After a week of slacking off in the exercise area, I have been forced to recommit. I just signed up to Run the Slam! Basically you run 4 half marathons during the summer, get a bunch of swag (medals, shirts, etc), get into the running to win a bunch of stuff, entry into the sold out Utah Valley HM, and early entry into the Hobble Creek HM.  I'm pretty stoked.  
So far I have signed up for the Utah Valley and Timpanogos. I still need to pick two more, though! I can pick from the American Fork, Hobble Creek, or Spanish Fork.
The AF looks awesome, and it's a fundraiser for people who can't afford cancer treatment.  It's also very new, though it seems pretty professional.  However, it's pretty close to the Utah Valley.
HC looks really new and the website makes it seem pretty unprofessional, but apparantly it sells out the same day it opens so somebody must like it. The date is also great for it.  Big downside: course description says "rolling hills".
SF is pretty established, but it's a lot later than the other ones and might be too close to my other wish:

The St. George FULL marathon!

I'm realllly tempted to enter the lottery for the SGM.  That would be SO awesome.  I really want to do a full marathon before the winter, or else I'll have to wait until next spring/summer to do one.  But only like half of the people who register for the St. George actually get in (yeah, it's just that awesome and popular), so I probably wouldn't even be able to do it-- but it would be way legit! Hmm... Decisions, decisions. 

To be honest, I'm a little nervous because I haven't done an official race longer than 5k.  Yeah, 5k. However, my longest recent run was 16 miles... So maybe I'll live.  I don't even know.  June 11th is my first one, so if I'm around June 12th I guess I made it. 

Does anyone know about the AF, HC, or SF half marathons and can give me a recommendation?  

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  1. You inspire me to feel guilty.