Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh snap.

Canada was wonderful. More on that later.
Right now, the emergency at hand is that Sam and I SWEAR our marriage certificate was in our file folder.  We got home from Canada at about 1:30am, and have been searching every. single. place. in our apartment for it.  In pages of books.  Under the couch.  In the kitchen cupboards.  I even went and looked in the empty boxes from our toaster, blender, etc in our storage unit.
You can get a copy no problem-- but it takes 7-10 days.  Our interview with immigration is in less than 7 hours and we are supposed to have it.  Well, we have our temple certificate signed-- GOD SAYS IT'S LEGIT, isn't that good enough??
Good thing Canada was so great.  I might just get sent back.
We honestly have no idea what to do.  We THINK we might just get the application put on "hold" if we have "insufficient evidence", but the marriage license part is kind of a crucial part of proving that a marriage is legit.
No idea how it magically disappeared from our folder (where everything else is flawlessly stored).  No idea. 


  1. Oh my....I hope everything works out! Pray your brains out, it works! haha