Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running music

I have been running on the treadmill a lot due to ice/snow/asthma/allergies/safety, and it can get super boring on a long run.  I had a playlist of some songs with the perfect BPM to match my stride, but my runs were getting so long and often that I felt like I was just hearing a few songs over and over again.  It was getting super boring.  I checked out some lists of good running songs, but who knew if they would be the right beat or I would even like them before buying them- and who wants to pay a bunch of money for new songs?   I hate running to a song that is slightly too slow or slightly too fast, because then I just get thrown off. It needs to be the perfect pace so my foot falls with the beat.  I have a ton of songs on my itunes, but it just seemed like a hassle to have to put it on shuffle and figure out which ones were the right cadence. 
And THEN a person on dailymile recommended this program that will give you the BPM for all of your itunes songs!  There is also an iPhone app that you can just play songs within a certain BPM range.  Anyway, I downloaded the program for like $10, and it was so totally worth it.  Now I have playlists according to my desired BPM depending on my pace, if it's hills, etc.  Annnd it's all my music that I know I like and already own.
Anyway, if you're like me and love running with music, I have loved this app.  If you're interested, it is found here:


  1. This is brilliant. So brilliant.

  2. Cheers! thank you . Have you tried the streaming station yet?