Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Minute Miracles

As some of you may know, Sam and I were really unsure about what was going on for the summer.  We didn't know where he would be for an internship and thus if we would be in Utah, so I didn't know if I should be signing up for classes, telling my boss I could work, if we needed to tell our apartment manager that we were leaving, and a bunch of other things.  We fasted, prayed, went to the temple-- and we still didn't know anything for sure.  With the summer getting closer, we were running out of time to give notices and get into classes and whatnot.  We were on the road back to Utah from Canada, early in the morning of classes/summer starting, and Sam still didn't know what he would be doing once we got home.  Hang out in the living room waiting to hear back from people?  While we were stopped at a gas station in Heber City, Sam checked his voicemail-- he had gotten a great internship in Orem!  It's perfect.  He will be getting great (paid) experience, I can keep working at my awesome job, and I can attend summer classes (which will help make my fall/winter semester not like the last one I had).  He started that same day.  Last minute miracle. 
We got back home from the Canada trip at about 1:30am.  At 11am we were going to the very important meeting with the immigration officers to try to get my green card.  We basically needed to prove that we are legitimately married.  We thought that we already had everything mostly gathered together in our file folder where we keep important documents.  We decided to pull it all out, and we couldn't find the most important item: the marriage license. Bad news.  We were honestly baffled that it wasn't there. Maybe we should have double checked a week ago, but it was seriously the weirdest thing ever that it wasn't in the case!  We searched the entire apartment-- through every sheet of page, every book page, every drawer, every cupboard (even the bathroom and kitchen), and even empty boxes we had in storage.  It was nowhere.  We were seriously screwed.  How could we have lost the most important document that would ensure that I could stay in the country with my husband?  We prayed, but ended up just going to bed a bit after 5am hoping that we would at least just get put on "probation" until we could get another copy of the marriage licence.  
The next morning before our appointment we were driving to Alpine to pick up a few more documents from Momma White.  While on the phone with Momma White asking about another item we could take, she found our marriage license!  SUPER crazy that it was there.  So on our way to the immigration interview we picked up the now found marriage license!
Prayer works!  I think Heavenly Father knows all too well how impatient I can be.  The first day of summer and the deadline for me letting my boss know if I could work, Sam gets his internship.  Literally half an hour before our immigration interview, we find our marriage license.
How's that for a faith builder?


  1. WOW. . . . that is amazing!! What a wonderful story! I am so glad you found everything and you can still be my co-worker! ; )

  2. Hurray!! I'm glad things worked out!

  3. HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! You do realize that Heavenly Father is probably having a good chuckle about the two of you searching your bathroom for the marriage certificate?

  4. WOW! Ive got goosebumps!!
    So many blessings poured out, in such a short time.