Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What the wise runner fears

check out these babies! she made them out of tire and rope, then ran 12 miles in them for our relay team!
I've been using dailymile to track my exercise lately.  It's a really nifty little site! You make a profile (or just link it to your facebook, which is what I did) and then you can track all of your workouts on it.  It calculates paces, distance, how you're feeling, how much gas you've saved, how many donuts you've burned... You can also add friends or post in the forums.  One feature I really like is the challenges.  You can make your own or join someone else's.  They have ones like run 1000 miles in a year, awareness groups (like "in memory of" runs), monthly goals... Very neat! So if anyone else is using it, or starts using it, add me as a friend!

Anyway, I was just procrastinating homework and came across a post a guy made asking what three things you as a runner fear.  There were some great ones! Here are some favourites, as well as a few of my own:

1. A porta-potty with no line.  There's probably a reason.
2. The words "gently rolling hills" in the course description.  Yeah, no, that usually means mountainous certain death.
3. "Battery low"
4. An intersection during a race that has no signs or volunteers saying which way to go
5. Your socks starting to fall down within the first mile
6. One of your shins randomly getting insanely itchy, so you either have to try to ignore it or start doing weird little dances while you simultaneously run/scratch.
7. Thinking "I probably shouldn't have eaten that!" part way through your run
8. A dog with no leash and no owner in sight
9. Feeling a blister forming when you've barely even started

Anyone else have a fear to add?

Happy running! Or biking, walking, playing, swimming, or channel surfing :)


  1. 10. Lurel telling me to get training
    11. Looking at the time 4 minutes after you started, thinking it's been 15
    12. Noticing a tiny child gaining momentum behind you
    13. Noticing someone's Grandma gaining momentum behind you
    14. (I don't know if this one counts) While running, you think of every hard thing you've ever had to do in your life and wish that you could go through those experiences 10 times again if you could trade them for this run. ...just me?

  2. 15. The perma-cough you are blessed with after running for a while without training.