Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In other news...

Sometimes, timing is GREAT! Example: I met Sam the same night I got broken up with.  Successful rebound? (I kid, I kid).
Other times, the timing is not as good... My travel visa came in time to go up to Canada before Easter (which is fabulous) but they also just scheduled my green card interview for right in the middle of the planned Canada trip!  Super glad that it's all going through and everything- but BOOOO!  We're going to have the cut the trip down to just a weekend jaunt :( I guess I'll need to convince Sam to go back up again during the Summer sometime.


  1. Oh my that is terrible, that happened to us to. We planned a vacation to California, that we had sent it stone pretty much and then we get our appointment for that friday! So we did boise and cali all in one weekend. It was killer, so I feel your pain.

    So sucky, they seriously have no consideration! Oh also tip for your interview, they want a full page birth certificate or they will put your application on hold so you will need to order one from the Canadian Government if you don't have that already. Thats what happened to me!

  2. Dang!! Yeah, it's way lame!! I guess they want us to fully appreciate the green card once we get it by making it such a pain in the butt!
    Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure I take it.. Did you take other things like pictures and whatnot too? I heard to just take everything you can think of that shows them that you're legit together, haha

  3. I knew a girl in Calgary who had to prove her and her hubby were legit, and she had to hand over everything. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING - ticket stubs to places you've gone together for dates, printed off emails exchanged, pictures, etc. She said it was a bit intrusive because other people were reading emails that were personal, but it was worth it to not get deported. So when exactly are you coming now?