Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holy smokes.

Ok, so Saturday: First off, I figured I'd go run 13.1miles just to make sure I could.  Success.
Then we went to the Wasatch Cup rugby game, BYU vs Utah, and it was an AWESOME game.  We won, and it was so legit. Awesome hits.  Total skill.  But hey, rugby is always like that.
Then I tried my very first Krispy Kreme donut right off the belt.  Oh man, it melts!
Then my proudest cooking moment by far: I just replicated my Grandma Frache's buns.  My first try.  BIG deal. You don't even know.  I am SO stinking happy over this.

Oh wait... I was supposed to do homework too, wasn't I? My bad. Later.


  1. Sounds like the perfect Saturday!!

  2. I heart rugby. And am jealous you are watching it outside. Because all I watch outside is snow. Feet and feet and feet of it. Rugby will not exist even pseudo in my life for another month at least.