Friday, May 6, 2011

Stuff, things...

  • We subbed for the primary choristers last week.  Stinkin' adorable. And intimidating.  But one little girl gave me a Repunzel sticker after, and the nursery girls thought Sam and his animal sounds were hilarious.
  • I made homemade bagels!  I think they got a wee bit overcooked, but right after they were done they were the bomb-diggity.  Definitely trying them again. Recipe to come when I have done it successfully.
  • I still haven't blogged about Canada!  The fact that I was with all of my favourite people in my favourite place is a good indicator of how it was, though.
  • Yesterday at noon I was sitting at the duck pond feeding baby ducks, drinking an orange-carrot smoothie, and waiting for my group to pick me up to go to Ikea for a class field trip.  It was a joyful moment. 
  • Slightly Healthier No-bake Cookies: 75% of the sugar, stir in chia seeds and oat bran.  Nom.
  • We're gonna go caaaamping. And hiiiiking. Soon. Possibly at the hot springs. Can't even wait.
  • They just changed a bunch of the class requirements here at BYU.  The international student requirements have significantly  changed, and I could have skipped taking 3 of the worst classes of my life.  HATE.  LOATHE.  Happy for future kiddos though...
  • I'm going to buy a cast iron skillet today.  Way more exciting than it sounds.
  • Today this random bald dude walked into our classroom and I thought it was my teacher so I called him over and asked him a question.  Turns out it was some guy that works at the library.  He semi-helped me and I don't think he realized that I thought he was my teacher.
  • On a note totally unrelated to the above comment, I once took a facial recognition test and failed miserably.  I'm borderline handicapped with facial recognition. So if I walk past you and don't say hi, I either forgot to put in my contacts or I just suck.


  1. Lurel! Let's go fishing this summer! I'll try and find a man so we can double.

  2. Oh yes, I want to go fishing!

  3. hahahaha those last two made me laugh.

  4. If you think regular fishing is fun.... you should come craw daddy fishing with us! It is so dang fun!