Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm going to start off with a little complaining, because it makes the punchline of the story make more sense.
My allergies have been the worst they've ever been.  I feel like I'm just wandering around in a tired, sniffly daze.  I've also had some ITB trouble, weird ankle pain, and a sore back (from running).  
Last night around 11pm I was dying on the bed with an icepack and decided to try to find the icy-hot to put on my ankle.  I looked through some drawers, then was looking in these bins we keep under the bed, and got really tired.  I figured I would just stay there until Sam came in and get him to help me look.  An hour later, Sam came in laughing and asking what I was doing.  "I think I fell asleep".  Much laughter followed.  It's cool, just having a nap on the floor.  I probably would have ended up conked out all night if he had let me.  It's just too bad he didn't take a picture.  I was kind of spooning the laundry basket and had carpet pattern on my face.

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