Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving ^

Sam and I had been in our little 1 bedroom, 0.25 kitchen for over a year. The place was close to campus, very inexpensive, and not a grungy basement, and all around a good starter apartment.  Then one week we lost a blender, measuring cup, all of our glasses except for 2 because there wasn't even enough space to fit out kitchen stuff (let alone do anything in there).  If you know me, I spend a lot of time working on things in the kitchen.  I spent a year with an oven that didn't fit my pans, a range that usually didn't start, a fridge shorter than me, and about enough counter space for a toaster.  We decided that we had lived out our newlywed-starter-place, and decided to upgrade.  Within, oh, a week, we had found a new, fantastic place.  We sold our other contract in a couple of hours (to an engaged couple also looking to start out :)  Thanks to the help of family and friends (thank you guys SO MUCH) we got everything moved and cleaned in one afternoon.  Now we are in our new place, and holy smokes, it is the bomb.  Unfortunately we are still very in the process of organizing everything, but I'll give you guys a tour once it's all settled ;)  I didn't even know that places this nice existed near BYU.  The first time I walked in to check it out I literally gasped.  I had better stop bragging until I can prove it, though, so until then, here's a youtube video (better muted, imo):
(Why won't apartments let us have a dog? This one is cleaner than kids ;)


  1. I'm so happy we got to see it while we were there. It is so nice. I know you must be loving it. And has a magic counter in the kitchen:)