Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Beak Project!

An apartment complex was doing renovations and getting rid of some desks and couches.  Sam was at work, but I had the truck and I'm kind of a boss and loaded up a couch and three desks.  I even made it up the stairs with one one of the desks!
Why three desks?
One for us, and two to sell! Or two to leave on the curb if nobody wants them, I guess.
I would also really, really like to paint the bookshelves and tv stand.  Since we can't paint the walls here, we had might as well make the furniture more interesting!  I tried getting Sam to look at pictures with me to decide on colours, but he got bored after five minutes.  So I guess that means I get to do what I want!  I told him I would just paint everything bright pink, and he said to go ahead.  So my options are wide open.
I can't decide on colours either, though :(  It's so hard!  I know kind of what I want though, I think.  But even then, I picked up a ton of paint chips.

Pictures do not accurately portray the colours, unfortunately.  I suck.
Anyway, here are some pictures of colour ideas:

Thoughts? I don't even know.


  1. I have noticed that the common theme between all the pictures are white, blue, yellow, and orange. So your decision is made! Do those colours together. It will look fabulous!

  2. Oh Lynnae, you're so wise! Haha!! Good idea!

  3. This is exactly what I did when we first got married...couldn't paint the walls, he could care less that our stuff was ugo, so I got to decorate however I wanted...come to think of it, it's still that way :-)