Friday, August 19, 2011

Bad timing!

You should never try new things on a race day.  Don't wear shoes you haven't worn in, don't eat new food, don't wear a new shirt (by the way, I am team "anti-race-shirt-for-the-race").  Well, I'm going to extend that rule to "don't wear new cheap flats the day before a race".  In the 1 mile walk to work my feet got destroyed. I currently have band-aids in 5 places.  I really, really hope that those places don't get a lot of friction in my running shoes tomorrow or I am not going to have a pleasant 13.1 miles!
Ah, well... I don't have that great of expectations for this race anyway.  Not only has my running sucked lately, but I've been asking the race committee questions and getting very little or very unhelpful responses, which just isn't a good sign.  Being unorganized can lead to late start times, inadequate aid stations, incorrect mile markers... There are websites that do race ratings, but I've never found a super complete one that people actually keep up to date.  The race is also usually pretty established for it to show up, and by then they usually have their act together.  If anyone knows of  more reliable race eval site, let me know!

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