Saturday, December 4, 2010

Well, that wasn't worth it.

So, confession time.  I can't do chocolate chip cookies. Sure, I can make awesome pies and cheesecake and fancy fondant cakes and creme brulee and everything else under the sun, but chocolate chip cookies hate me.  I used to be able to make them- as in when I was 10- but not no mo'. I don't know what my issue is.  I kept trying the same recipe that my mom uses, but those didn't work. So I started trying other recipes.  I used the one of the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag. I used several from AllRecipes.  I read all the tips and hints and I wasn't doing anything wrong. Seriously, I know how to bake- how to properly measure, the right temperature of ingredients, what order to add stuff, how much to beat it... Pretty sure I'm just cursed. One time last year I even had a marathon of trying different recipes/altering them slightly, etc, and I made like 9 different batches and ALL of them were sucky.
I'm quite ashamed of this inability to make what I'm pretty sure is one of the the easiest baked goods to make. So today I decided to give it another try. The first pan was awful. I wish I had taken a picture of what happened to them- it was hilarious.  Then the next pan worked! It was amazing. I guess I lucked out.
So it was nice the 'conquer' the chocolate chip cookie. But I just realized that I don't even like chocolate chip cookies that much. So... Awesome... I can make cookies that I don't even like.  I probably won't even ever try them again because A: I don't even like them. Even the best chocolate chip cookies aren't that good to me compared to other things B: Sam doesn't even like them that much. If he did, I'd be more than happy to keep trying to make them and C: Because if I just leave it at being able to make that last batch, I can claim that I can make them. Pretty sure if I tried it again they wouldn't work.
So.... Anybody want the last pan of good chocolate cookies I'll ever make? We don't even want them. They weren't worth it.


  1. Haha! I love reading these :) I'm glad you finally made a good batch of chocolate chip cookies!!

  2. Wow, that is quite the journey. I am craving chocolate chip cookies all week, and I don't live in provo sad. But I would agree nothing compares to creme brulee. You should definitely do a post on how to make that please! I have always wanted to try but feel like I need a recipe I know I can trust!