Thursday, December 16, 2010

Through Heaven's Eyes- Brian Stokes Mitchell with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Two years ago I got to go to the MoTab Christmas concert with my dear roomie Megan. They always have a special guest perform with them (this year it's David Archuleta!). The year I went, I had no idea who it was going to be, and it took me a while to realize who he was. Upon reading Brian Stokes Mitchell's biography in the program, we found out that he's the guy who sings 'Through Heaven's Eyes' in the Prince of Egypt movie! Holy smokes! That was my favourite movie for a long, long time and I still really like it. Anyway, he was great, and he even sang the PoE song. Let me tell ya, hearing it in person with one of the best choirs in the world and a fantastic orchestra was something else. I was dying. Anyway, I found the video of it on youtube!

Love it.

What song from a childhood movie would you just love to hear preformed in person?

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