Thursday, December 2, 2010

book page christmas decorations

How cute would these look on a Christmas tree?

Very, in my opinion.

So here's how to make them.  First, you need a big ol' book.  I got mine from DI for $3. It's HUGE and I only needed like 10 pages to do alllll of the birds and flowers- but I have another craft in mind that will need a ton of pages. I'm looking forward to it! Anyway, you can use any book, but be aware that you can still see the words.  I noticed a couple of awkward things on some of the pieces I cut out so I put those ones as bottom layers, haha.  I think a dictionary would be super cute to use, or a nice narrative!


 Trace a bunch of birds and wings onto a page, then cut them out. To save time, do several pages stacked together.
Distress the edges if you would like. I just used some gold that I had on hand.
 Curl the tails and the wings
 Glue two of the body cutouts together and two or three of the wings together.
You can also add some sticks in their beaks and some little feet :) I still need to add the string to hang them though. I'm thinking either brown twine or some thin lace. Cute, yes?
Cute, yes?


Cut out a whole bunch of circles and distress the edges

Curl the circles around a pen. Then use one flat one as a base and glue five or six circles around the edge.
 Just keep gluing them on, getting closer to the middle.
So I found this part of a necklace on the ground the other day. Being the hobo (or resourceful person) that I am, I grabbed it to use as the middles of the flowers. I also used some buttons.

Ta da!

I still need to put something on everything to hand them. I'm thinking brown twine or some thin lace. When I pick that stuff up, I'll also pick up the supplies for my other decorations. I'm super excited about the other ones! I need to get a move on though so that everything is done for when we get out tree!


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