Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Catch-up

I finally found my camera charger!  I have been waiting to get my pictures from Christmas before doing a post about it.  I didn't take very many because my battery died, which makes me sad, and they didn't turn out great because the settings are broken so it's stuck on a crappy ISO, but here they are anyway!

Driving to Canada was terrifying.  We had borrowed Sam's brother's car, which hasn't been on really icy roads since he bought it.  So when when we got to northern Utah with blowing, icy snow, we started fishtailing-- badly.  We slowed down to about 25-35mph, but we were still fishtailing like nobody's business.  It was terrifying.  Everyone on the road was going slower, but nobody was fishtailing as badly as us.  We decided that we needed to get some chains or something, or we were probably going to die on the road.  We finally made it to a Walmart, and went into the tire shop.  The back tire treads were completely gone. That explained a lot.  So we waited for a few hours while we got some new tires put on, and set out again.  For a while the roads were decent, but then the icy, blowing, drifting snow came back.  And the constant fishtailing started again.  And we spent the next several hours praying that we wouldn't die.  After a total of 15 hours of travelling (with almost constant fishtailing and barely any visibility), white knuckles, seeing flipped trucks and crashed semis, we finally made it to my parents' house alive.

Anyway, we got to stay in Canada for a week of Christmas break.  It was so fantastic to be home for all of the familiar traditions, places, an feelings.  I got to go to the gym with my parents, spend time at Grandma Frache's house, go shopping with my mom and sister, snuggle with my nieces and nephew, have dinner with my great aunts, uncles, and cousins, and spend time with my high school friends.  It was so emotional recharging to be home.

Where Sam and Kaden could usually be found
Maggie helping with the last-minute quilt project for Dad

Sam is now fully equipped to be Canadian
...and then my poor camera died :(

Anyway, it was a great Christmas!

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