Saturday, July 30, 2011

Timpanogos Half Marathon

Race 3: down! ANNNNND:

I totally PR'ed. OH YEAH!  I was so nervous that I wouldn't preform very well in this race, after a long hiatus of sickness and then laziness.  But I made it!  Think of how much faster I would have been if I wasn't slacking off o.O
Anyway-  I totally forgot my body glide, my Canada tattoos, and I didn't wear me inspirational shirt :(  What the heck!  But no batteries died, and no knees throbbed :)  I was also much more consistent with my pace.  Almost the entire time I was a sub-9 minute mile pace, while last race I had booked it for 7 miles and then died the last part.  
So yeah. Kind of the bomb.
Sam was the only one who took pictures... But I'll need to jack his phone to post them.  It's cool, I know where he sleeps and his phone is always near ;)


  1. YAY!! You are sooo amazing! Great job! I am seriously so impressed that you have done so many of these races and its awesome that you improve every time. Congrats!!!

  2. You are a dream. I enjoy the add ons to the results too.

  3. That's great Lurel! So happy for you! Nothing better than a PR and it is especially sweet when it is unexpected. Congratulations!!!!