Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We're not going to be homeless!

Before I get to the main topic of this post-- I had a prenatal appointment today.  We just did a doppler to check the heart beat, but it was interesting still.  It took a while to find the heartbeat, because the sharkbaby kept swimming around to avoid the microphone, and giving it a few good kicks every time the doctor got close!  We've got a mover.  I might be in for some sore ribs once I can actually feel it happening, haha.

When we went up to Washington in March, we checked out a lot of apartments.  On our first day in Spokane, we found several really nice apartments for pretty good prices.  A manager at one of the complexes recommended that we check out a place in southern Spokane, so we decided to go take a look right before going to see the temple and heading back to Utah.  I put the address, and noticed that it looked pretty close to the temple!  We soon realized that it was literally right across the street!    How lucky is that?

We went in to talk to a manager, and she showed us around the complex.  It. Was. Amazing.  Brand new, great layouts, nice fitness center/tanning/pool, movie theatre, 54 acres of private hiking trails, barbeque and fire pit, and working on building the largest dog park in the northwest...  Plus, right across the street from the temple.

The price at this place was a lot higher than other complexes, but it was also a heck of a lot more awesome than anywhere else we saw.  The manager said that the prices change all the time, and to watch the rates.  The weird thing about housing up there is that you have to wait until like a couple of weeks before moving to actually reserve anywhere.  Very different from Provo!  So now that we're three weeks from moving, and the rates have been pretty low, we've locked in a place!

I'm pretty stoked.  The apartment is even on the ground floor, so I can probably do furniture projects right outside my door, and not have to climb stairs with a baby+dog+groceries+stroller+who knows what else.

Meanwhile, I have about two weeks to finish the many projects that I have started.  There's just so much that I want to do!! Building and painting and sewing is just so much more fun than packing :)  Once everything is in place in the new apartment, I'll post better pictures of the new pad!

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