Friday, December 14, 2012

Seattle, here we come!!

Sam got accepted to Seattle University today!  I was also the first one to find out, due to a convenient order of events.

When I got home from work I decided to play a trick on Sam.  I took a screenshot of his desktop, set it to the background, then hid all of his icons and task bar.  Thus, it would seem like nothing he clicked on would work. Sneaky sneaky!  But, he has a double monitor, so I had to have something open on the one screen so that it didn't look weird, etc, etc... Long story short, I opened up Chrome, and I saw that he had an email from Seattle University.

Um, yeah, sue me for not being able to wait to open that one.

I was so excited that I literally started jumping up and down; "Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!!".  Then I went and grabbed a roll of blue streamers-- the only celebratory item we had on hand-- and strung it up around the door.  I went to grab my phone, since I couldn't wait to talk to Sam, but it had randomly turned off (which is does all the time. Piece of crap!) and takes like 5 minutes to turn on.  It finally turned on, and I had a missed called from him.  I got scared that he had already seen, because I really wanted to see his reaction when he got the news.  But he was just wondering if I was coming to get him.

Oh, yeah... I forgot about how I was supposed to pick him up. Which meant that I wouldn't actually be able to get outside because of all the streamers.  Bad call on my part!

I was going to wait until we got home to get him to check the email, but I blurted it out that he needed to look now.  

So now we're pretty happy campers around here!  We're still waiting to hear back from the University of Washington and Gonzaga.  To be honest, Gonzaga is very much a back-up school, and even though UW is the highest ranked of the three, SU is the one I like the most in terms of environment/location/fit...  But I'm not the one who has to take classes, so we don't know for sure yet.  But it's really great to know that we for sure are going to end up in Seattle very soon!


  1. Awesome but now I'm going to cry for a little bit. So proud of you Samuel!

  2. Congrats Lurel and Sam!!! That is awesome bring on the baby making ;) just kidding!

  3. AH! That's fantastic! Great job :D And good luck with impending move!