Monday, June 25, 2012


Holy crap, I haven't posted on this blog in forever! Sorry about that.
Our apartment rocks. Our ward rocks. The area rocks. Seriously, this was such a blessing to find this place and get to live here.
Also, it's really nice doing a 5 minute drive 6 days a week instead of 35 minutes 6d/w.

Last weekend the famjam did the Ragnar, which is a 200ish mile relay race. It was a blast!
Get it?
I BEGGED Sam to let me give him a mullet, but then his hair wasn't long enough D: He had a lovely mustache though. He was a very good sport about coming and helping with the aid stations.

You might notice that I got a wee bit sunburned

We lost Chris, Jamie, and Anya somewhere, obviously
I was quite concerned that my various injuries would make everything suck, but it wasn't too bad! The only time it caused real problems was on the viciously uphill 8mi leg, so I was responsible and let Chris take over the evilest uphill part  last few miles. Everyone else rocked their runs as well!

It was a lot of fun! I definitely would do it again.  I even signed up as an "extra runner" for the Las Vegas Ragnar later this year in case somebody needs an extra person. Fingers crossed!

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