Friday, June 1, 2012

The Move

Well, we aren't all organized, but we have all of our things in our new apartment! I don't know how on earth all of this stuff fit into our last place. It seems like there are boxes and bags everywhere! We're so grateful that Sam's parents and brother were willing to come help us move everything. We would have been up all night transporting things on our own!
I'm dying to organize everything. I started right to work moving things around-- and then I threw out my back. I was in the bedroom completely unable to move. Sam heard me dying and helped me sit down. It took a while for the spasms to stop long enough that I could make a hunched shuffle to the couch. So now I'm stuck on the couch with an ice pack. I tried getting up to get water and the spasms started again, so Sam shuffled me back to the couch. I am 90.
So for now I'm stuck with things all over the place. And no chasing chickens. But I guess I can plan out where to put everything!

Edit: Wow, ok, I stood up and the spasms got so bad I momentarily blacked out. Awesome. Sam had to basically drag me to the bed. I've had my fair share of broken major bones, dislocations, and muscle tears, and none of those hold a light to this. If being in labor is going to be even worse than this I'm ditching my natural birth plan and going the drug route.
Last night was really horrible, but this morning I can at least sit up in a chair. Any sort of muscle flexing in my back or legs makes the spasms start again, so Sam has to drag me around and help me roll over. Thank goodness I have him to help me or I would just be stuck on the floor. I already have a chiropractor appointment for Tuesday for my foot, so hopefully he will be able to help out my back as well- if I can walk out of the house by then, haha.


  1. if its anything like what my dad went through a few months ago- I'm so sorry. I cried just watching him go have back spasms any time he tried to get up off his face on the floor. No one could move him either or it would spasm. I hope you heal quickly.

  2. Oh no! You poor thing. Like Michelle said...hope you heal quickly.

  3. Ah! Hope things are a bit better now :(

  4. Don't worry Lurel, I work for a Chiropractor and I've heard plenty of women come in with back pain that said that Labour wasn't even as bad as their back pain. I also feel your pain. I didn't actually black out, but I hurt my back about a month ago opening a window in our new place. I thought it would help me straighten from my hunched over pain if I layed on the floor with a foam roller under my back. It took Dustin and I about an hour to get me off the floor. EVERY motion hurt excruciatingly. A week of daily Chiropractic adjustments and some more after that and I was back to normal though. Thank goodness I work for a Chiropractor and they were all free adjustments! AND thank goodness for Chiropractors!

    1. Thank goodness! I don't think I could handle something worse than that!