Monday, January 31, 2011


Something that really isn't helping with the stressful fact that I have 18 credit hours and I work 20 hours a week (complain, complain) is that I still don't have my laptop back. It has been almost three weeks of not having it. Now I know that a lot of people make it by without having a laptop in college- but my entire study method revolves around putting my reading notes into onenote, taking paper notes in class, then reworking my notes all into onenote along with reading notes. It's really all quite beautiful once I have finished, and makes studying fabulous. And I like having all of my stuff all organized and in one place- not having to do some on Sam's laptop, some on the desktop, some at the library, then having to email everything to myself and send it off and remember where it got saved... Not to mention putting pictures somewhere and updating my iPod and being able to do homework in between classes and all that jazz.  It has just been very inconvenient.
just lovin' the laptop problems
My laptop has been a pain in the butt. the whole time that I've had it. I won't even get in to how it totally died a week before finals one semester, deleting all of my final papers and notes and everything (oh wait, I just got into it... Well, it sucked).  There are plenty of other joyously awful things about it, like the blue screen of death, the battery not charging,  shutting off without warning, not operating programs that it should operate, etc...  Customer service hasn't always been all that great either.  One time, after Sam waited on the phone for hours to talk to somebody, the guy was extremely rude and basically said 'Just deal with it' to our problem and said he couldn't help us and was very condescending.  So Sam asked to speak to his manager, and instead the guy just cut off our call. I know, right? However, when we called back the other lady was really helpful.
Anyway, we had to extend the warranty. When my screen started whacking out, this month we took it to the BYU bookstore to get them to fix it- but then they said they couldn't find the warranty. So Sam called HP again. After a looong wait they finally figured it all out. So BYU got their act together and were supposed to fix it- but then HP said that we had to send it in to them to fix it. So we went ahead with that. This was like 3 weeks ago.  Then just last week we were checking the order status, and oh look, HP forgot to send the shipping label so it's been sitting in the loading bay for two weeks. IT'S STILL IN PROVO.

If you've actually read this far- thanks for listening to my complainy ways.  Summary: HP and BYU Bookstore computer section=unimpressive. Probably won't be doing any business with them in the future. 


  1. Get a new laptop! seriously macbook's are soo great for university. I love mine and haven't had any problems with it at all.

  2. That would be nice! I don't like the operating system at all though... I had to use macs in the labs at school for a bunch of projects and they drove me nuts! The hardware sure is sturdy though... I'm tempted to get a mac with windows OS haha

  3. oh i agree. but once you start using it more each day you get used to it. but that would work too haha