Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

It's unfortunate that we get our holiday right at the beginning of the semester!  I'm not even burnt out yet! Oh well, I shouldn't complain- long weekend is a long weekend!

I just spent much of my afternoon running 13.1 miles. Oh yeah. I haven't done it in nearly a year and a half, so it was pretty satisfying- even though it's a lot easier than running a legit half marathon outside.  It wasn't my best time by any means, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to die, but now I'm all ready to go eat some burritos with some friends!

The gym can be a funny place. There are some definite 'types' who go. Examples follow:
Why do girls do their hair and makeup, wear a dressy tank top, and SHEER booty shorts to the gym? Ladies, your cheeks are hanging out the back. For reals. And they're slightly see through. Maybe that's the look you were going for... Then there's me- I guess I'm a type too- the sweaty-adidas shorted-old tshirt-ugly ponytail sort of girl.  People possibly avoid being on the treadmill next to me because I'm so gross. Not 'my hair is a mess!' gross, but legitimately gross. TMI? Whatever. I'm sure you all expected it of me. 
Then today I met Nazi treadmill lady... She comes up to me while I'm running and the following conversation occurs:
Lady: How much longer are you going to be?
Me: Another two miles, about
Lady getting super angry and almost yelling: YOU WERE ON IT FOR AN HOUR THEN YOU LEFT AND CAME BACK AGAIN
Me: I had to go to the bathroom, sorry There are like 7 other treadmills open
Guy next to me, watching big old angry lady walk away: Big girl...

If all of the other treadmills were taken, I would definitely not stay on the same one for so long. I know it's annoying to have to wait. But there were plenty of other ones available. For reals. I'm super non-confrontational so I didn't say anything to her about how ridiculous she was being. 

Then there are the boys who (and I am seriously not exaggerating) check themselves out ALL THE TIME.  I look in the mirror too while I'm working out- particularly if I'm using free weights- but I for reals saw a couple guys that would actually be doing some arm thing or whatever, and then lift up their shirts in between sets to flex and look at their abs.  I don't think 8 bicep curls has drastically changed what your abs look like. I'm just sayin'. 

Then of course there are other types- but I'll save further analysis for another day. Maybe I'll try to be slightly more humorous(ehh...) and slightly less annoyed about it.  I'm going to go lie down now.

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