Thursday, October 21, 2010

Safe driving

Semi-complainy post.  But it has a point.  And I'll post a happy and positive one later.

I'm not going to complain about 'Provo drivers', because I don't want to generalize, but I am going to give five examples of awful driving that I've seen lately.  I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful, safe drivers here, but there are at least 5 crazies who need to chill out.

 5. Person turning right doesn’t stop at stop line, so when there is a car next to them and a pedestrian coming across from their left they don’t see them until, oh, when they hit them with their car (hit once while on my bike- but he was very sorry and I was fine- and several close calls)

 4. Person doesn’t watch for pedestrian while turning left, so when they’re all raring to go during that tiny space of cars, they have to slam on their brakes while a person is in the crosswalk, or just keep going and nearly hit them while they’re crossing. (several times, had to run out of the way a couple of times).
3. Person was so eager to make that left hand turn arrow that he was running the red light so badly that I had a chance to get into the middle of the crosswalk in the turning lane and he had to swerve to miss me (and I always wait until the walking guy comes up, so he was a good 7ish seconds late).

 2. Pedestrians are no better. Not a driver, and I said that's what I'm going to talk about, but they put others and themselves in just as much danger. I’ve seen some stupid, stupid things.  Examples just from this week: This dude got angry at me when I had the right of way turning right, he had a red light, and he was trying to cross the street in front of me.  Come on. Oh yeah, and on the same road this guy had his ipod in and wanted to cross in the middle of the road while cars were going (University Avenue at 5:10pm, I might add) and he started wandering out into the road and almost walked in front of my truck.  Long day at school?

Number one:
I’m riding my bike, and it’s University Ave so I’m on the sidewalk because by this time I’ve noticed drivers are NOT safe.  So I’m coming up on the intersection and I had a pedestrian light, and there’s a car coming up to the light wanting to turn right. He looks at me and stops, plus he has a red light, so it legitimately looks like it should be safe, but nope, instead he keeps going and hits me with his car. So I’m thrown over my handlebars and land on my head, black out for a second, but then get up.  And he STAYS in his car. So of course I’m a little out of it and dazed because hey, I just got owned by a car and landed on my head, and the guy is like ‘Are you ok?’ and I say yes, and he drives away. Awesome.  So yeah, didn't get the plate number because I was too dazed and couldn't really see anyway.

You might be thinking, wow, you just don’t watch for cars or aren’t careful or you're just an idiot. No, no, I’m crazy careful and super paranoid and alllllways watch drivers like a hawk.  I seriously would have been hit at least 4 additional times (as a law abiding pedestrian) while here if I wasn’t as careful as I am.

So here's the point. I understand that people have places to go, but be careful (drivers and pedestrians alike).  Don’t be stupid. I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck or my back when I got hit by a car.  Or killed.  So seriously, watch the road, obey the laws, and DON’T text while you’re driving (or do other things. Like read. Sam and I saw a guy legitimately reading a novel while he was driving the other day).  Accidents happen, but they're almost always preventable.  Just be smart.
If I haven’t convinced you, watch this video (personal opinion, mute it, the song is awful). Warning though, it's super depressing, graphic, and basically might scar you for life. Seriously.


  1. woah. that's is seriously the scariest video i've seen. what an eye-opener....

  2. oh my gosh Lurel, this was so awful. I am now afraid to drive. When I think of all the times I take a second to grab something or to smile at Anya in the back seat. It only takes a second!
    Please to all I love.... always keep your eyes on the road and to Sam and Lurel please be extra careful while walking to school! I love you all too much to have something so horrible happen to you. And Please wear your seat belts!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure, I am too afraid to watch this video, so I will opt out. I already have nightmares while awake, of what I am imagining this video shows. Besides, your #1 point brings back bad enough memories and a knot in my stomach, as I recall the phone call we received from you, moments after you were hit. One of the scariest days of my life, and a feeling of being so helplessly far away.

    Yes, please everyone be extra attentive while driving....and walking. I read a newspaper article by a police officer, who says he doesn't believe there is any such thing as an accident. It is always human error and preventative.