Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cabin Fever

               I’ve been home sick with mono and other various nasty things, and today is my last (hopefully) day of house arrest.  I had a bit of cabin fever, so when I ran out to Target to spend some wedding gift money on groceries, I also got a few other things to work on!
                First off, I got some of our wedding pictures printed!  We got this awesome frame set, picture of the Mt. Timpanogos temple, and the ‘family’ plaque  as wedding presents, and I think they fill up the wall perfectly! So now we have our great wall art up!

                So we found these couches on craigslist for suuuper cheap- but they are suuuper ugly.  They’re also a weird oversized shape, so you can’t really find slipcovers to fit them. But our solution is cheaper, anyway; we got some flat sheets and today I sewed them together to cover the couches ourselves. We also had a sweet post-registry discount at Target and I found crazy inexpensive pillows. So there’s one more apartment thing taken care of!

                Somehow I have acquired a large number of headbands- especially plain white ones. One can’t really wear too many of those at a time, so I decided to do something with them!  I got the inspiration and instructions from Martha’s blog. So while I was at the store, I got some really inexpensive fabric to make fabric flowers! I already had the headbands, glue gun, and buttons, so I paid less than 50 cents each headband! I like them a lot! The only problem was that I somehow managed to burn the side of my foot with the glue gun.
a couple of my favourites
                If you click on the link to Martha’s blog that I posted above, you can find the instructions to make them yourself. They’re way easier than you may think (but don’t burn your foot).


  1. ooh look at YOU being all crafty!! Love the photo collage!!!!

  2. hahaha you would manage to burn your foot with the glue gun... Love all the decor though! Looks awesome!

  3. i want to see your apartment... cute headbands :)

  4. Love your wall art Lurel! :0) Good work. Your couch looks super comfy...sheets make great slip covers when one knows how to sew...and way cheaper...and more choices in what colors etc...good thinking!

  5. First off, way jealous of your wall. That is SO CUTE!! I want tone. I have an empty wall and no clue what to do with it, so don't be shocked if I steal some ideas.
    Second: I'm honoured to have inspired you and to have been spotlighted in your blog. I am also jealous of your headbands, they are really cute! I need to make more! Especially love the blue one!

  6. You had mono?! Yuck! I can truly sympathize with that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture wall! It is beautiful! Oh Lurel, such a home maker!

  7. The wall art looks amazing. I love it! Great idea for the couch. I think I will try that with our downstairs couch. Funny thing....I found some more white head bands in your room here.