Wednesday, September 29, 2010 he put a ring on it.

                The night that I got back to Utah from being home in Canada for the first half of summer, Sam and I became unofficially engaged.  There wasn’t a ring or anything, but it had been decided! I was so, so happy! But let me tell you- that week of not telling anyone besides our parents was total torture. I wanted to tell people so bad! We already had a date set at the temple, a reception venue booked, and my dress was picked out.  Thank goodness that my amazing mother-in-law was there to help us out! I would have gone nuts if I didn’t have her there! She has been so wonderful from day one.
just engaged! (do we look a little tired?)
                We had gone and looked around in Provo at some rings, but Sam said that he wanted to go to Salt Lake and buy one there. So that Saturday we were going to drive up and go on a date then look for a ring. We went out to eat, and then to walk around temple square. I was a bit suspicious because it was getting late and ring stores would be closing soon, but how could he have a ring if we were in Salt Lake for that reason? Plus, there was no way he could have one already because my fingers are so freakishly small. Anyway, we were walking around temple square and taking pictures and whatnot and just enjoying the nice evening.  We walked up to the pedestal at the end of the temple and Sam told me to stand on it with my arms in the air so he could take a picture. I thought that was weird, but I did it anyway. When he told me I could turn around, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring! That sneaky boy had gotten one in Provo after all! I was so, so happy that we were officially engaged and that I was going to be marrying my very best friend!
                We got to do a lot of really fun stuff while we were engaged. We went to Bear Lake with Sam’s (and now my) family, made a trip up to Canada to visit my family/have a bridal shower (that my great cousin Michelle and Auntie Lorna threw for me!), and various other great things! Even when we were just running boring errands, I loved being with him.  It wasn’t about what I was doing; it was who I was doing it with :)
japanese garden in lethbridge
                It was a crazy month and a half of trying to get everything ready for the wedding.  That probably sounds like a super short engagement, which maybe it is, but it felt like a plenty long wait, haha! Like I said before, I’m so thankful for everyone that helped us out so much to get everything done in time! We definitely wouldn’t have been able to pull it off ourselves. We’re so blessed to have such amazing family and friends!

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  1. Aw I just love you guys! Hurry up and get legal in Canada again and come visit!!