Friday, November 5, 2010

Hobo Halloweening

my gimpy pineapple man. they're tricky, ok!?
So Sam and I had costumes in mind, but then we didn't get them finished in time and I defaulted to my usual 80's costume, and Sam was the Fonz.  I'm very sad that I didn't get a picture of my hair, because holy smokes, it was huge. Seriously. If there's one thing my super long/thick hair is good at, it's holding a backcomb.
can you find me?
That night, Sam and I went to this haunted house just south of campus that is SUPER LEGIT! You don't even know. Annnd it's $1. I was so stinking scared/screaming. I think Sam mostly liked watching me freak out.  Anyway, Utah people, GO to this haunted house next year! It's awesome! Way cooler/scarier than those $25 automated ones. For reals.

The next day, my hair was a total gong show. Sooo we went to the White Halloween Party as hobos.  Yep, I based my costume on the fact that I didn't want to shower or do my hair. Don't let the picture deceive you. It was gross.

There was also a nice bag lady named Tami there. She seemed a little paranoid that we would take her stuff.

It was a very fun Halloween!

PS: I also made Halloween Cake Pops!  More on that in another post :)
PPS: We found a scary movie on TV... It was awful. As in, I'm going to have nightmares awful. And I LOVE scary movies. Never watch Halloween series, even the old ones.


  1. I love Tami's costumes! Every year we get a really good laugh!! :)

  2. hahahaha creepy trees! I kill myself laughing every time I see pictures of that!

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  4. i am sad that you didn't get a picture of your hair :( but it sounds like you had a good halloween and that makes me happy :)

  5. You had such a fun Halloween! That's great!