Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The happiest calling of all.

This last Sunday I got a new church calling in my ward!  I am now... The Young Women secretary!  For anyone who is wondering what the heck I'm talking about, that means that I have been asked to help with the 12-18 year old girls who are in my church congregation.  I'll be in charge of the record keeping items, as well as helping to organize mid-week activities and teach Sunday lessons now and then.
When I was asked if I would be willing to do this, I exclaimed quite enthusiastically and had a really dumb, happy look on my face.
Bishop: We would like to call you as the Young Women secretary.
Me: Oh, yeah! That's like my dream calling!
Bishop: is that a yes?
I had an amazing experience in YW.  I credit that to an awesome group of girls, as well as absolutely fantastic leaders.  I lucked out and had a relatively small group of girls who also loved adventurous and outdoorsy things, were freaking hilarious, and got along pretty well (as far as I know!).  Our leaders were equally fun, adventurous, wise, and inspiring.
Because of this, I'm both excited and nervous.  I know how great YW can be, but also how crucial.  It's a really important time of life for those girls, and having a good example and companionship from those around them can make a big difference.  The other intimidating part is that there are 46 girls in my ward. That's HUGE compared to the, what, 15 that my ward had.  I'm also not very good with names and faces.  One time I took a university compiled facial recognition test and I failed miserably. The test told me that I might have an actual cognitive disability with recognizing faces. So there you go. It's going to be tough trying to keep up with everything and everyone, but thankfully I will have the Lord's help in discerning their needs and learning what I need to!
I hope that I can help give these girls a positive experience in YW. If I can do even half as well as my leaders did, I'll be satisfied.  Fortunately I was in there only 4 years ago, so maybe I can get my brain to flashback to those years and remember what it was I needed to hear back then, and share it with them.  Maybe I can also bring the joy of Screaming Ninjas and Snipe Hunting to these lovely girls.

I'm pretty sure one of them ran into a glass door shortly after this picture.
We were supposed to do something cultured. So we decided to wear togas and do art...
...but then this happened.
"...I'm peeing"
And running downhill made us laugh so hard Michelle totally bit it.
**If any of you are embarrassed by these pictures, too bad, because you should know that I have 10x worse on my old laptop but I'm too lazy to go find it.


  1. Oh man! I loved being in the YW presidency!! SO. MUCH. FUN. You are going to be great in there! And there are A LOT of really lucky YW to have you as a leader. Wow 46! That's like 9 times the number when I was a YW! Have fun getting to know them :-)

  2. You are going to really enjoy it, Lurel and do an awesome job. 46 is an amazing number. Not a lot of joint activities I bet. I agree, they are a lucky group of girls to have you as a leader. You are a part of the reason that your YW group was so amazing.

  3. Thats so exciting! Crazy.

    And that was definitely me that ran into the glass door. Bahahaha oh good times. You'll be great!

  4. Bahaha, those pictures bring back great memories, like when we blew up cans of bug spray in the middle of a field and used a picnic table as a shield. How exciting!! I was just called into Young Women's too, so we should swap ideas some time!! I can't believe you have 46 YW, that's nuts. We've only got two right now!